Ways to Handle Customer Complaints via Live Chat Support

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Top-quality customer support is the backbone of every successful business. And the foundation of top-quality customer support is the quick resolution of complaints. 

Failure to meet quick resolution leaves customers disgruntled. As a result, they share their bad experiences on social media platforms, tarnishing the reputation of the brand and costing it potential business. While there are various apps that can help you monitor your brand mentions online, there is no app that can help you resolve customer complaints quickly.

Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businesses are not the only ones haunted by this problem. There are many globally recognised brands that also suffer from this issue. In fact, only a handful of businesses excel at it. Your’s can be one too because, in this post, we are going to discuss different ways to handle customer complaints via live chat support. Let’s get on with it:

Initiate the Chat

When a customer reaches out to you via live chat it means they are seeking an immediate response. Keeping customers waiting on live chat is not a good practice. If someone is coming to you with a complaint, the wait is only adding insult to injury.

We understand that it can be difficult to handle multiple customers at once on live chat, especially if you have fewer or a single agent. So, we suggest you set up an automated greeting message that sounds casual like, ‘Hey Joe. Thank you for contacting us. What I can I do for you, today?’ Such a greeting seems humane and can usually calm the customer a bit.

Listen to the Complaint

Customers who contact you for complaints rarely wait for greetings and acknowledgements. They immediately get into voicing their issues. When that happens, you or the agent must maintain the cool and listen to everything the customer has to say.

After they have shared their grievances with the agent, the agent’s immediate response should be to apologise for the customer’s trouble. The next response should be to inquire about the details of their complaint that can help with its resolution like their order number maybe.

Offer the Solution

Once the agent has all the details, they must offer the solution to the customer. In most cases, a lot of the problems and their solutions have been taught to the agents during their training period. If the problem shared by the customer falls in any of the preplanned categories, the agent can go ahead and share a solution on the spot.

However, there may be instances when customers will have complaints that the agent has not been trained to handle or does not fall into the business’s action plan. In that case, the agent must request the customer to wait and seek a solution from their supervisor or the business owner. A pro tip: be courteous and apologetic when seeking to delay the response.

Be Specific

After a customer has had a bad experience with a service or product, they become sceptical of the whole organisation. So, if the agent is offering a solution that will take some time to come to fruition, the agent must be clear about it.

Let the customer know how long the resolution can take and what are the reasons behind the delay. A reply saying ‘It’s company policy’ won’t cut it with any customer. If anything, such a response can enrage them even further. An agent must clearly communicate the time of the resolution and the reasons behind the delay if any.

Do Not Redirect

When a customer reaches out to support, they are seeking answers and solutions. If the business wishes to retain the customer, hoping that they will give the business another chance despite their bad experience, their customer support has to be absolute.

Avoid needlessly redirecting the customer to another person, department, or platform entirely. When an agent logs into a chat, it is their job to see it through entirely. Asking the customer to email their complaint or call on the phone etc. will only make matters worse for the brand.

Do Not Take Things Personally

A frustrated customer can sometimes cross the line. A good agent never takes such insults personally and great customer service will calm the situation as politely as possible.

If things seem to be getting out of hand, the agent needs to change their perspective and look at things from the customer’s point of view. Besides, if the agent is proposing a solution that is rational, the situation will diffuse quickly. Remember, it is always the best idea to keep a cool head.

Be An Advocate for the Customer

This is probably the toughest pill to swallow. As an agent and employee of a company, it’s natural where your loyalties should lie. Nonetheless, as a customer support agent, it is also your job to fight the customer’s case on their behalf.

So, rather than shoving company policies down the customer’s throat, do everything in your power to deliver a solution. In the bigger picture, you will be doing your company a big favour. How? If an acceptable solution is offered to the customer, they may bring their business back to you sooner or later. They may even spread the word about the customer-centric nature of the company, giving free marketing.

Summing It Up

When preparing customer support scripts, always remember that the growth of a business depends upon the treatment of customers. You can have the world’s best product or service, but if your customer support is not, well, supportive of the customer, your business will eventually fail. For small businesses that can’t hire agents to handle their live chats, hiring chat monitoring services can be a great option. It’s cost-effective and you don’t need to set up an entirely new department to manage customer support. As always, we hope you found this article useful.

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