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Pickers and packers are critical within this organisation, without them your orders wouldn’t be fulfilled, therefore our pickers and packers are regularly trained and tested to make sure they qualify to our very high standards. Luckily for you, pickers and packers are included in your subscription! Our facilities and team exceed expectations and will leave your customers with 5-star reviews. Why you should choose Swift: Our technology allows you and your customers to track each parcel from purchase to the front door Packers take pictures of the parcels just after they’ve been packed, allowing you to check quality and make amendments if you wish. There are many benefits and included within our subscriptions- giving you the big deals at a small price. 99% pick and pack rate Our system is very organised and sustainable, your customers start by ordering the goods online, this then comes onto our system, which is then sent to an available picker. We use bespoke technology to pick and scan items – using this technology guarantees no human error, increases production time and allows you to see exactly what’s going on. Our pickers are trained to pick the ‘first-in’ stock, especially perishable products. This means there is a healthy stock rotation, and the products stay fresh for your customers. After our pickers have accurately collected all items, they are given to our packing team, where they collectively work together to carefully pack each item. We provide different packing styles to tailor to the products and your requests. Whether you desire a fancy box with tissue paper and stickers or just a simple bag, is totally your decision, with no extra costs- this is all included in your subscription. Lastly the parcels are handed to our trusted couriers, who deliver your parcels safety and sufficiently. Our fulfilment centres provide your business with adequate technology that enables you to manage your stock, track each package and oversee all returns. You are in full control of your business. With 24/7-hour access to our data and stock level, you can use this information to stay on top of your business and your business analysis. So just sit back and relax whilst our team works around the clock to ship your products.

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