How to Create a Business Email

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Before we get into the creation of a business email, it’s natural that you are wondering whether email communication is still relevant. And, you are not wrong to question this. We have come a long way from when emails were first introduced back in the 90s. 

There are countless communication platforms available for businesses. Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Teams, Zoom, Duo, and God knows how many others. Despite having all these options, the best way to reach a business remains by email.

Why? Because it’s free, traceable, accessible, recordable, and offers targeted communication. And, these are just a few of its benefits. So, if want your business to take advantage of these and more of its benefits, you must create a dedicated email for it. Here’s how you can create one for it:

How to Create a Business Email?

Do you know what makes a business email stand out from an ordinary one? An ordinary email usually has the extension of the email service provider like @Gmail.com, @Yahoo.com, @Outlook.com, etc. But a business email has your business domain name as the extension, @xyz.com for instance.

While having the provider’s extension at the end also works, having your own domain name in the email adds credibility to the business. Assuming that you already have a domain name and a website for your business, there are two methods to create your business email. The best part is, one of these two methods is absolutely free. Yes, you read that right. 

So, without further ado, let’s look at these two methods one by one:

The Free Business Email Creation Method

Following the assumption that your website is live and running, you probably already have a hosting plan. Usually, most hosting plans offer free email creation. The accounts can range from one to five depending on the hosting service and the plan purchased.

If you are unsure about whether your hosting company offers email or not, you can always ask their customer support. If they do, then you can create your free business email account in six simple steps:

  1. Log into the cPanel provided by your hosting company
  2. Once inside, look for the Email section and click it. You may have to scroll down until you find it
  3. Things get simpler from here. Inside the email section, click on the Create/Add New Account option
  4. Now, add the required details like Sender’s Name, Required Email Address etc. Remember the ending extension has to be your business domain name, for example, info@xyz.com
  5. If you have some tech knowledge and are not an average joe computer user, go into Optional Settings to further refine your email. Otherwise, ignore
  6. And, last, press the Create/Save button to create your email

It’s that easy. If you don’t think the domain extension is important for you and you still want a free email account, you can create one on services like Gmail and Outlook.

The Paid Business Email Creation Method

If you have come this far and are still reading, it may be that your hosting plan does not offer free email and you are willing to pay for a business email account because brand credibility matters to you. In which case, you will have to follow this second method that requires you to purchase an account on Google Workspace.

Google Workspace offers you various other services along with an email account that uses your domain name extension. That too at very affordable price plans. Actually, its affordability is the reason we have included this Google Workspace in this method.

To begin, follow these seven steps:

  1. Open your browser and in the address bar type: workspace.google.com. After the website opens, click on Get Started
  2. A form will open asking you to enter your personal contact information. Follow-through
  3. In the next step, identify if you already have a domain name (which you do, as per the assumptions we have been following)
  4. Now, connect your domain name with the Google Workspace account. The process is completely automated, so there’s nothing to worry about
  5. Once your domain has been connected, you will be asked to add the contact information of your business
  6. Create a user ID and password
  7. Select a plan that meets your budget and check out

After all the steps have been completed, you are ready to use your Google Workspace account. If you want, you can enter a professional signature into your email account.

Here’s the kicker for you. Google Workspace comes with a 14-day trial period. So, after trying it out for two weeks, if you feel like it isn’t for you, you can always opt out of it.

Another benefit of using Google Workspace is the familiar Gmail interface. Also, it doesn’t just give you the interface that we all have grown accustomed to using, but also all the functionality like spam filter, two-factor authentication, conditional message forwarding, cloud storage, and everything else, only much improved.


As you start using your email to grow the business, things can become overwhelming to the extent that you may find yourself too busy to even answer the emails. If things come to that, Swift’s Email and Phone Answering Services may come in handy for your business. 

That about wraps up our post. We hope you found the information included useful. We would love to hear your take on the uses of business email and how it can benefit a business in the long run. Until next time.

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