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Here at Swift, we help Electronics retailers grow their business by taking care of all their eCommerce order fulfilment needs.
Many consumer electronics can become dated as newer products get released. And as you grow, you’ll always need more consumer electronics on hand to meet demand. However, ordering too much inventory, and you risk having too many outdated products. Too little, and you’ll run out of stock, fail to meet customer demands, and miss out on potential sales.
At Swift, we use the best technology and computer systems, so we can provide the very best experience for you and the end customer. Our system allows you to track the product throughout its journey, from the purchase stage to your customers doorstep. We also take photographic evidence of every parcel packed, this means that every parcel is accounted for and is accessible to you from the comfort of your home.
With 24/7-hour access to our data and stock level, you can use this information to stay on top of your business and your business analysis. So just sit back and relax whilst our team works around the clock to ship your products.

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