5 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Shipping Should be Outsourced

ecommerce shipping

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Growing your eCommerce business can be an incredibly rewarding process, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming. There are many tasks involved, from delivering content marketing strategies and developing new products, to eCommerce shipping processes and offering valuable customer service.

There is often never enough time in the day to get everything done if you want to approach all work in a quality way to ensure that your eCommerce business grows.

Nevertheless, one area that you can cut back on without compromising quality is your eCommerce shipping needs and requirements. This leaves operational details to the experts – eCommerce shipping companies – so that you can spend more time on what you specialise in and being the face of your brand.

eCommerce Shipping

Outsourcing your eCommerce shipping means hiring a company to handle your order fulfilment and ship products for you.

Partnering with a third-party to handle your eCommerce shipping is a great way to free up some time in your day so that you can focus on other aspects of the business, such as working on a powerful eCommerce marketing strategy.

Plus, outsourcing the eCommerce shipping tasks gives you peace of mind, knowing that all your orders are being shipped in a timely manner and customer service is guaranteed.

Here are 5 reasons why your eCommerce shipping should be outsourced:

1. Increased Flexibility

eCommerce shipping is often the most time-consuming aspect of running an online business. When you outsource eCommerce shipping, you’ll have much more flexibility to focus on other aspects of your business.

For example, as a small retailer, you don’t have to be the expert in shipping your products, but rather, focus on your branding and unique selling points, which is what can help to drive sales. Focusing on this will be the driving force behind what sets your online store apart from the competition.

2. Improved Customer Support

Outsourcing eCommerce shipping duties will also improve your customer support, creating a more streamlined and quality end-to-end journey for your customers. At Swift, we also offer an eCommerce fulfilment solution that is based on the following elements of customer support:

  • Email and phone answering
  • Live chat monitoring

3. Enhanced Order Fulfilment

Outsourcing your eCommerce shipping operations can help you to provide enhanced order fulfilment as well as a more seamless and personalised customer experience.

When you outsource your eCommerce shipping procedures to Swift, the complexity of the entire process is taken off your shoulders. You no longer need to worry about picking and packing orders, sorting shipments, or driving across the country to deliver packages. We help make every step of the process easy for your eCommerce business, enabling you to focus on what’s most important which is taking care of your driving your online sales through digital marketing.

4. Save Time, Money and Energy

Outsourcing your eCommerce shipping tasks can save you a lot of time, money and energy. At Swift, we recognise that time is the most precious element of life – especially when it comes to working on projects and enhancing business.

With less time spent on the logistics and operational details of eCommerce shipping and more time spent on implementing and nurturing your marketing strategies, we believe that this is a recipe for eCommerce success.

5. Strategic Advantage

Outsourcing eCommerce shipping can provide a strategic advantage for your business as it allows you to become more efficient and create new opportunities for growth.

Whether you are looking to focus on creating content for the power of social media marketing or require time to produce valuable content such as an eBook, your newfound time and energy can be spent on creating and delivering the most effective projects for your eCommerce business.

With this strategic advantage, you can concentrate on retaining customers and attaining new customers without worrying about how products are shipped or which carrier is best.

When you provide an excellent customer journey, from the moment they visit your website, to placing an order and receiving the product, the customer gets what they want and when they want it, while also receiving great service.

Swift eCommerce Fulfilment

Struggling to fulfil your own eCommerce shipping requirements? Whether you are looking to partner with a fulfilment centre for the first time or would like to move to a new fulfilment centre, Swift provides all the necessary support to make the transition smooth and successful. Our eCommerce shipping fulfilment service also specialises in a range of eCommerce sectors.

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