Cleaning the river Freshney with James Elliott – The Canoe River Cleaner

James Elliott The Canoe River Cleaner

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At Swift Fulfilment, we are dedicated to making eCommerce Fulfilment beneficial to our community and the environment with a positive impact. When we came across James Elliott – also known as The Canoe River Cleaner – we knew that we wanted to support his mission to remove plastic and other pollutants from our waterways. Supporting James has been beneficial for us in numerous ways. First and foremost, it aligns with our values and helps us fulfil our commitment to sustainability.

Additionally, our sponsorship has helped us raise awareness of our ecommerce fulfilment services to a wider audience. But most importantly, it has allowed us to make a tangible difference in our community and in the fight against environmental pollution. For James, our support has been invaluable. It has enabled him to continue his important work and given him the resources he needs to expand his efforts. We are proud to support James and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

About James

James Elliott is an adventurer, environmentalist, and the founder of Canoe River Cleaner. Canoe River Cleaner is an innovative non-profit organization that specializes in cleaning rivers using kayaks and canoes. After being laid off from a high-pressure sales job during the pandemic, James started this organization. He noticed that the litter made it difficult for fish, birds, and other wildlife to thrive. So, he came up with the idea to use his passion for kayaking to make a positive change.

James has been making waves across the media, appearing on multiple news sites such as GrimsbyLive and BBC Look North. His story has captured the attention of many who are interested in the great things he has accomplished.. Now, keeping the news flowing for all those eager readers out there, we’ve added a link with even more information on James’ story. Whether you’re new to his story or have been following him all along, be sure to check out the link to get the full scoop! Grimsby’s Canoe River Cleaner raising £15,000 to keep Freshney clean – Grimsby Live (grimsbytelegraph.co.uk)

How does he do it?

The Canoe River Cleaner uses kayaks and canoes to collect litter and debris from the river. By using this method, they can access parts of the river that boats and larger vessels cannot reach. The river is then cleaned by picking the waste from the water, ensuring that no harmful materials are left behind. The waste is then separated into recyclable and non-recyclable materials, with the latter being disposed of properly. This process has proven effective and has made a huge difference in the river Freshney.

James and his team regularly monitor the condition of the river, and they aim to clean it twice a month. James will allow volunteers to join him on his cleaning expeditions, so that the community has an opportunity to get involved and improve their area. Not only is this a great way to help the environment, but it also allows people to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river Freshney.


We at Swift Fulfilment are proud to be in partnership with James Elliot and all the hard work he is doing for our environment. We’ve witnessed a positive shift in business since we began supporting James’s river cleaning efforts, and we hope this blog will inspire you to take action. We shouldn’t take the beautiful nature around us for granted. You can keep it clean with James in many ways. So, go green today! Pick up some litter or join a river clean-up drive and help keep the environment clean. Let’s all join to make a difference!

James Elliott Canoe River Cleaner In His Canoe After eCommerce Fulfilment Partnership

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