Benefits of Outsourcing E-Commerce Fulfilment

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You can run an e-commerce business as a one-man show for only so long before burnout starts kicking in. Also, your business will never grow unless you trust others to share responsibilities and start delegating work.

Understand this. You are the brains of the operation. You can’t keep yourself occupied with time-consuming tasks like e-commerce fulfilment. Especially, not when e-commerce fulfilment can easily be outsourced.

Besides freeing up your time, outsourcing e-commerce fulfilment offers countless other benefits as well. But, before we look at them, let’s first understand what e-commerce fulfilment is, for those who don’t know. 

Understanding E-Commerce Fulfilment

The process of storing inventory, packing a product, and shipping it to the customer once an order is received is called e-commerce fulfilment or order fulfilment.

Most e-commerce businesses usually perform this process in-house, except for the smart ones. They outsource this task and free themselves of the hassle. Because they know that fulfilment can also often involve labelling, notifying customers about the status of their order(s) and managing returns.

Benefits of Outsourcing E-Commerce Fulfilment 

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a look at some of the benefits of outsourcing the process:

1. More Free Time

It has already been mentioned a couple of times in this post that managing fulfilment yourself can take up lots of your time—time that you can be spending on something more worthwhile, like strategising your business. By outsourcing fulfilment, you can regain that time and invest in where it really matters; improving and growing your business.

2. Better Focus on Sales

Simple yet time-consuming tasks like e-commerce fulfilment can make you lose focus and distract you from things that are more important, like growing sales. While fulfilment is an integral part of an e-commerce business, focusing on growing sales will always have a preference over all other tasks. Because, without sales, nothing else would matter. And, once you’re free from printing labels, picking products, and packing them, you will have more time to focus on improving sales.

3. Makes the Process More Efficient

Depending on the products you sell, it can be hard to stock boxes for packaging and shipping, especially if your product range varies considerably in size and volume. Then, there’s the trouble of labelling the box right and scheduling the pick up with the courier company. E-commerce fulfilment companies have all these processes streamlined in a seamless manner. Not only they are more efficient in handling your orders but they are also quick with dispatching, significantly bringing down delivery time for your business.

4. Affordable Shipping Costs

Higher shipping costs can be a make or break situation in customer retention for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Since their shipping volumes are not as high as larger businesses, the scale rarely tips in their favour when negotiating rates.

on the other hand, due to the larger volume of shipments, e-commerce fulfilment companies get much lower rates. When you signup with them, you can benefit from those rates as well. Although the benefit will not be a direct one, since you will not be paying for the shipment separately. However, you benefit from it when paying for the fulfilment services.

5. Access to Actionable Insights

Almost all e-commerce fulfilment companies grant access to various tools to their customers. These tools also often include various types of reports that carry valuable insights and real-time data that can help you plan the development of your business in a way that would otherwise be impossible to do.

6. A Better Distribution Network

If you have been having a hard time trying to scale your e-commerce business to other cities, mainly because of unaffordable warehousing costs, outsourcing your e-commerce fulfilment can help with that as well. Usually, fulfilment companies have a huge network of warehouses across a country, and, in some cases, across various countries, which means that they can help you scale easily.

7. Lower Operating Costs

We know we don’t have to spell it out here, but e-commerce fulfilment services are not just only going to save you time. They also save you money by lowering your operating costs. There’s no need to invest in boxes for packing, paper and ink or printer for labels, no warehousing costs, no additional shipping charges, etc. All of these costs are already included in the fulfilment service, and, that too, at a fraction of the cost.

8. Increased Customer Retention

Well, this one actually depends on a couple more factors, not just fulfilment. It does, however, play an important role. While most fulfilment companies have integrated operations, they keep customers updated about the status of their order(s) from when it is first received to until it is finally dispatched. Such intricate details show that your business takes the convenience of its customers seriously, attracting more business from them.

Final Words

The benefits shared here are few and common. It is likely that many more can be added to the list, depending on the nature of your e-commerce business and its back-office operations. One thing we can say for certain is that your business will benefit from it regardless.

So, if you are looking for a reliable e-commerce fulfilment services company in the UK, Swift E-Commerce should be your go-to choice. For one, they only use recyclable packaging material, so they are good for the environment. Second, they guarantee same day shipping on all orders. And, third, we help you meet and maintain the Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime requirements. 

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